MobiGlas reddit - Filter and trading statistics
Thanks for showing an interest in slipping Mr Fats some skin!

Mr Fats loves the grey market, and the fact that a community of people intently interested in a space-trading game (amongst other things) can evolve into trading virtual space ships in real life :-)

Keeping everything maintained, paying for hosting and adding new features is hard work. If you want to say thanks, keep Mr Fats running and support new features to be added, send no money now!
Instead, how about gifting something cluttering up your hangar to, even if it's just a piece of flare or a skin, it'd be really appreciated and make a huge difference.

Please feel free to follow it up with an email letting him know what new features you'd like to see, and have your say! - maybe notifications, enhanced parsing or new statistics? or just say thanks :-)
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