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  • Kraken CCU (from Kraken)

    typefromtopricemelt value
    Addon Conversion KitKrakenKraken Privateer$400$350
    11-Nov 2020

    Cross Chassis Upgrades (CCUs)

    type from to price melt value
    CCU Hammerhead Polaris $99 $25
    CCU Nautilus Polaris $99 $25
    CCU Corsair MSR Mercury $55 $10
    CCU Andromeda Vanguard Sentinel $80 $50

    Standalone Ship - Warbond

    Name Price melt value
    Ares Ion LTI - WARBOND $250 195

    Addon - Upgrade Conversion Kit

    type from to price melt value
    Addon Conversion Kit Kraken Kraken Privateer $400 $350

    PayPal and RSI verified only. All prices include PayPal fees.


    Steps to purchase, and claiming the item:

    • Get RSI confirmed if you haven't done so
    • Comment your interest in this thread - direct pm with no comment in my WTS thread will be ignored
    • PM me with the item you want to purchase, your RSI handle, and your PayPal email
    • I will send you a PayPal invoice
    • Payment confirmed, I will gift the item to your PayPal email address only
    • Claim the item by clicking on the link in the email you received
    • The item will be transferred to your RSI account