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  • Mustang Omega


    [WTS] Mustang Omega - AMD NEVER SETTLE SPACE EDITION package for £70

    9-Jun 2019


  • Mustang Omega


    AMD Ship Package [Imgur] (Mustang Omega, SC & SQ42 Game) $90

    31-May 2019
    REDACTED Listing! This listing is no longer available; you are viewing an old cached version of this post - the listing has either been removed from more recent updates or the price has been changed which created a newer MrFats listing. See Latest Post on Reddit
    • 700+ trades history.
    • Full money back guarantee against ship removal by CIG.
    • All profit I make will be spent on Star Citizen.
    • My complete ship & package & CCU list [HERE]
    • Please [PM] me with your offer.

    Ship Price (all fees included)

    • CCUed 600i Touring LTI $324.99 (before $0 CCU cleanup)
    • CCUed 600i Explorer LTI $354.99 (before $0 CCU cleanup)
    • CCUed Valkyrie LTI $269.99 (before $0 CCU cleanup)
    • AMD Ship Package [Imgur] (Mustang Omega, SC & SQ42 Game) $90
    • CCUed Banu Merchantman LTI $239.99 (before $0 CCU cleanup)
    • CCUed C2 Hercules LTI $249.99 (before $0 CCU cleanup)

    • 1x Aurora-LN starter package (SC+42SQ) $48
    • 1x Original AEGIS VULCAN LTI $210.00
    • 1x Original TUMBRIL NOVA TANK LTI $110.25
    • 1x CCUed AEGIS ECLIPSE LTI $258
    • 2x Original ESPERIA VANDUUL BLADE LTI $262.50
    • 2x Original MISC PROSPECTOR LTI $149.00
    • 1x Original Cyclone RN LTI $58
    • 1x Original Cyclone RC LTI $57.75
    • 1x Original Pioneer LTI (ship with land estate) $919.00
    • Old UEE Exploration Pack $545
    • 1x Original Polaris LTI ship Warbond with Sequence Number $625

    #Terms of Service:

    • Please make sure you know the status & information about the game. The game is still in alpha. Some ships may not be flyable yet.
    • The item will not be giftable again after claiming it.
    • Please include your Paypal address in your initial message to speed up the invoicing process.
    • All fees are included. The price is what you need to pay.
    • You must be Paypal verified and have a linked RSI flair.
    • If you want a middleman I have no problem with it.
    • The items may be sent in 24 hours.
    • According to PayPal policy of digital item, I will only send the item to PayPal email address.
    • According to PayPal new refund policy, PayPal will charge you a transaction fee from May-2019.
  • Mustang Omega


    [WTS] Mustang Omega: AMD Edition Game Package $115

    25-Jun 2019



    • Mustang Omega: AMD Edition
    • Self Land Hanger
    • Legacy AC
    • Starting Money 1,000 UEC
    • 2 Months Insurance
    • Digital Star Citizen Manual
    • Star Citizen Digital Download
    • Squadron 42 Digital Download

    Buyer cover Paypal Fees. Only Verified Paypal Accounts.

    Mustang Omega | Game Package | Picture | 115$